Diaspora Tribute to Israel's Fallen Warriors: A Heroes Song

British Jewish singers compose song to show gratitude for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during Operation Protective Edge.

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Ari Soffer,

Killed in action: Max Steinberg
Killed in action: Max Steinberg
Courtesy of the family

One of the remarkable outcomes of the current war between Israel and Gaza-based terrorist groups has been the unprecedented unity within Israeli society, and a sense of solidarity with the IDF's Operation Protective Edge that has crossed the political and religious spectrum.

Rallies, public prayers and countless initiatives by organizations and individuals have been organized to support and pay tribute to the nation's soldiers, 64 of whom have fallen in battle since the operation began 37 days ago.

That sense of solidarity has transcended geographic boundaries as well. Jews in the Diaspora have also been showing a remarkable sense of unity with Israel, holding rallies and prayers of their own and donating generously to aid the embattled residents of southern Israel and the soldiers fighting to protect them.

But a group of British Jewish singers say they wanted to offer something more "from the heart" - and came together to compose a song dedicated to the IDF's fallen.

'A Heroes Song':

Called "A Heroes Song", the song is accompanied by a video displaying the faces of each Israeli soldier killed during Operation Protective Edge. It's a tribute to the Israeli army made in the knowledge that its struggle against terrorists sworn to the destruction of the Jewish people is fought not just on behalf of the State of Israel, but Jews everywhere, its makers told Arutz Sheva.

"Everyone is donating money, or food, which is obviously the most important thing to do at this time," said producer Alex Holder. "But we wanted to do something profound which would communicate the heartfelt gratitude of Jews here and elsewhere for the sacrifices these brave soldiers have made for us."