Bennett: Mission Not Accomplished

Jewish Home head says Protective Edge has not succeeded as long as residents of the south are not safe.

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Hezki Baruch, Yoni Kempinski,

Yoni Kempinski

Jewish Home Chairman, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett, said Sunday that Israel prefers the security of its citizens to international approval of its actions.

He made clear that he did not see Operation Protective Edge as having achieved its aims. “The government of Israel embarked on the Protective Edge campaign and defined the goal as bringing back security to the residents of the south. We need to look at the picture with honesty and say that the goal has not yet been achieved,” he said.

"I say to the residents of the south: as long as you cannot go home and live in security, we do not see the mission as having been accomplished.”

Turning to the nations of the world, he added: “The state of Israel is the front outpost of the free world against the dirty wave of radical Islam. Give us legitimacy – but know that we will press forward even if you do not.”

He spoke at the annual event held by Besheva Magazine, the leading weekly for the religious Zionist public.