Livni Slams Naysayers, Praises Success of Gaza Operation

Hamas 'has not even achieved one of their goals,' Justice Minister says.

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Sarah Leah Lawent,

Tzipi Livni
Tzipi Livni
Flash 90

Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni (HaTnua) had harsh words for the “sour spin”, as she put it, of the Israeli media on Operation Protective Edge. 

"Take a look at the current situation and what we have achieved thus far," said Livni in an interview with IDF Radio Monday. "Their leadership is still burrowed in, and they don’t dare show their heads above ground ...they have 1,800 dead and have not attained even one of their goals."

"With them, there will always be the one who will stick his head out of his bunker to say ‘We won!’, and with us, there will always be someone who will rush to cry out, 'We lost!'" she added. 

“However,” stressed Livni, “there is not anything that the military echelons set out to do that we did not give our approval for.”

She added that despite "the heartbreaking price we paid in lives" almost all "terror tunnels" into Israel have been neutralized by the IDF.

"We now have to address what needs to be answered - shall we continue in Gaza, because the operation hasn't been completed, and at the same time impose a new military order there " Livni posited.

But she added that a permanent answer to the tunnels will have to be found. “We either need to construct an underground barrier, which would be expensive but worthwhile, or to find a way by technological means which, though more old fashioned, can still be effective."