Video: Motorcycles Found Inside Attack Tunnel

Three motorcycles were found facing Israel, and were to be used for attacking Israeli civilians in a murderous rampage.

Gil Ronen,

Motorcycles from tunnel
Motorcycles from tunnel
IDF Spokesman

 Last Monday evening, the IDF Squad Commanders' School Regiment – the 828th Regiment – encountered terrorists who emerged from a tunnel near the Karni crossing. The force eliminated one terrorist and lost five of its men.

In the course of the subsequent neutralization of the tunnel, many weapons were found inside it, including RPGs, mortar shells, explosives, and Kalachnikov rifles.

In addition, three motorcycles were found. They were facing Israel and were meant for carrying out a sophisticated attack on Israeli communities. 

If used successfully for an attack on civilians, the combined firepower in the tunnel could easily have left dozens dead.

The tunnel was a particularly large one, walled with cement, and is believed to have taken four years to construct.