Watch: IDF Forces Kill Terrorist in Underground Battle

Army releases footage from gun battle inside one of Hamas's vast 'terror tunnels' in Gaza.

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IDF forces emerge from tunnel after undergrou
IDF forces emerge from tunnel after undergrou
Screenshot/IDF Spokesperson's Unit

As the battle with terrorist groups in Gaza continues to rage, IDF forces have taken the fight to Hamas in its vast network of underground tunnels, many of which lead into Israeli territory for attacks against both military and civilian targets.

On Thursday, the military released footage from an underground gun battle, in which soldiers from the IDF's Givati Brigade killed at least one terrorist.


In the video - which is subtitled in Hebrew only - a commander can be heard alerting his men to a terrorist nearby: "There was a guy just here, that terrorist, who entered between us and you."

Soldiers open fire twice at the terrorist, injuring him first and then - as the commander alerts them that he is still alive - shooting him dead. They then emerge from the tunnel inside a building in Gaza, where another group of terrorists had been spotted.

Another video released by the IDF shows Nahal Brigade soldiers together with army engineers detonating another tunnel: