'Red Alert' Song Helps Children Cope with Rockets

Viral video makes rounds on social media again, as parents struggle to ease the anxiety of rocket fire for their small children.

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Tova Dvorin, | updated: 14:04

Children sit in a bomb shelter in the souther
Children sit in a bomb shelter in the souther
Flash 90

Israeli children deal with the constant threat of rocket fire on a daily basis, a situation which has left many children paralyzed. 

In light of the recent rocket fire on major Israeli population centers, a video has circulated providing a glimpse into the coping methods teachers use to help small children respond to the rockets - and make it into shelters in time. 

The song, dubbed "Tzeva Adom," (the "Red Alert" song,) first surfaced in 2008.

However, it has made the rounds once more on social media, as families across Israel struggle to explain to their small children how to cope with the threat of missile fire.

Over 1,500 rockets have been launched on Israeli civilians over the past 13 days alone, since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge.