Widow: Amotz Devoted His Life to IDF

Res. Maj. Amotz Greenberg 'knew he wanted to die as a soldier,' his widow says.

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Yedidya Ben-Or,

Col. Amotz Greenberg, Sgt. Adar Bersano
Col. Amotz Greenberg, Sgt. Adar Bersano
Courtesy of the families

Sagit Greenberg, widow of Res. Major Amotz Greenberg hy"d, stated that her husband Amotz was dedicated to protecting his soldiers - and understood that the line of duty could involve risking his life. 

"The army was something that was always in our lives," Sagit stated Sunday, in an interview with IDF Radio. "We sat here on Thursday and he said, 'people are confused here - the role of the IDF is to protect citizens, even at the cost of their lives." 

Greenberg noted that while she had been very worried about Amotz, he himself reassured her. 

"We talked on Friday night and he said, 'don't worry, everything is terrific," she recounted. "I did not go in, I'm sitting in the war room.'"

"Then, Saturday, he didn't answer my calls," she added. 

IDF soldiers informed her of the news Saturday. 

"Suddenly, I do not have a husband, I do not have the father of our children, I do not have my love, I do not have my best friend," she said. 

"Amotz was a man with tremendous personal power, with values, with respect, with appreciation," she said. "[He was] the most giving father in the world, he was always so humble."

Greenberg has refused to be resentful of her loss, however. 

"I won't let my thoughts reach to how he was killed, and why," she said. "I know that he would have wanted to die, if at all, then as a soldier. I am not preoccupied with anything else today but our loss." 

Greenberg died Saturday while trying to protect IDF soldiers stationed near Gaza. Hamas terrorists opened fire on Greenberg's unit after infiltrating Israel, via a terror tunnel, while attempting to abduct Israeli soldiers or citizens.