Arabs Arrested After Posting Rocket Strike Video

Three Arab construction workers in Ashdod cheer, say "Allahu Akhbar" as they record rocket strike on Israeli civilians.

Tova Dvorin,

Car damaged by Gaza rocket
Car damaged by Gaza rocket
Flash 90

Three Arabs from Jerusalem were arrested on Wednesday, Israel police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld announced, after they posted a video cheering a rocket strike on Israeli civilians on social media.

The video, which has gone viral over the past 24 hours, shows a rocket hitting Ashdod and smoke emanating from the site as sirens blare. 

The men are clearly happy at the potential deaths of Israelis, and laugh while chanting "Allahu Akhbar," "god is great." 

The three, who have been named as Amin Siam, Muhannad Abu -Taha, and Tarek Masar, were working at the same construction site. 

They were arrested on charges of "incitement to racism, violence and terror", and "violations of terror laws," bond police said. Officials are weighing whether to file an indictment.