IDF Videos: Special Forces Raid, Air Strikes

The IDF continues to provide footage of its operations against Hamas in Gaza.

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Arutz Sheva,

Naval Commandos (file)
Naval Commandos (file)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The IDF continues to provide footage from its ongoing operations in Gaza. For the first time, a short video shows action by IDF special forces against terror headquarters Monday.

The IDF Naval Commando (Shayetet 13) operated on Saturday night against a Gaza compound from which long-range rockets had been fired towards Israel.

Terrorists who were in the compound opened fire towards the soldiers, who returned fire. Four soldiers suffered light wounds and were taken to a hospital in Israel for treatment.

Three Hamas terrorists were reportedly killed in the raid, which according to the IDF was targeting long-range missile launchers of the type that have been directing fire towards major cities in central and even northern Israel.

"The IDF will continue to harm any element which uses terror against Israel," an IDF spokesperson vowed in a statement.

 Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner was more specific.

"A naval commando operation took place on a beach in Gaza this morning with the aim of hitting a long-distance rocket launching site," he said, and added that the mission was successful.

Radio reports spoke of a fierce gun battle with Hamas terrorists in the Sudaniya district.

Additional videos show air strikes on Hamas commanders' homes that also served as headquarters.