Danon Demands: 'Cut Money to Unity PA After Gaza Attack'

After rocket attack, Deputy Minister calls on PM to cut all tax money collected by Israel for PA, which is now responsible for Gaza, too.

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Ido Ben-Porat, Ari Yashar,

Aftermath of Gaza Kassam attack (file)
Aftermath of Gaza Kassam attack (file)
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Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon on Wednesday called for the immediate cessation of transfers on all tax money collected by Israel for the Palestinian Authority (PA), in the wake of the Kassam rocket attack from Gaza earlier in the morning.

The rocket, which was fired by Gaza terrorists, exploded near a community by Highway 232 in the Eshkol Regional Council in the north-western Negev. No injuries or damage was reported from the attack.

"This is the result of the Palestinian unity government," declared Danon, referencing the government that was sworn in last Monday, and includes three ministers from Gaza that were backed by the Hamas terror group governing the area.

Danon demanded the complete cancellation of transfers of tax money to the PA following the attack. In late April, those tax transfers began to be partially sanctioned as a response to the Fatah-Hamas unity deal which torpedoed peace talks, and as a means to collect massive PA debts to Israel.

"I have requested that the prime minister act upon the cabinet decision following the (formation of the) unity government, which determined that the Palestinian Authority will bear the responsibility for all activities against Israel," remarked Danon.

Danon last Monday criticized the new unity government's inclusion of Hamas, saying "now, all aid given to the Palestinians by the United States and other countries directly aids terror attacks against the state of Israel."

Speaking to Arutz Sheva on Sunday, Dannon added "it is clear that the 2006 bill that passed Congress clearly states that funds cannot go to terrorism," noting that US law opposes the recent declaration of the American administration to "work with" the new unity government.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Arabic spokesman Ofir Gendelman responded to the rocket attack as well, blaming PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for the missile, according to AFP.

"PA President Abbas is responsible and accountable for rockets that are fired at Israeli towns and cities by terrorists in the Gaza Strip," wrote Gendelman on his Twitter account.