Police Close Off Temple Mount to Jews, but Some Manage a Visit

Jews arrived in large numbers, hoping to ascend for Jerusalem Day. Only a small group did so.

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Gil Ronen ,

Jews waiting at entrance to Kotel Plaza.
Jews waiting at entrance to Kotel Plaza.
Temple HQ

Police Wednesday closed off the Temple Mount to Jews who had hoped to ascend it on Jerusalem Day and just before Shavuot, one of the three holidays on which Jews used to make pilgrimage to the Temple in ancient times.

A Muslim mob rioted and caused police to close off the Mount to Jews.

A small group that included leading rabbis managed to enter the Mount and tour it for a few minutes before being instructed to leave by the police.


The Temple Organizations' HQ demanded Wednesday that the police “do their job, enter the mosque if necessary, and remove the rioters from the place, so as not to interfere with the public order and the holiday spirit of multitudes of Israelis who seek to ascend to the the Temple Mount.”