6 Days - 1 Journey: The Story of the Six Day War (Part 1)

Join Dr. Hagai Ben Artzi for the first of a six-part series produced by Arutz Sheva. What happened on the first day of the Six Day War?

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Dr. Hagai Ben Artzi
Dr. Hagai Ben Artzi
Arutz Sheva

A journey of 1,000 kilometers over 48 hours, across the State of Israel, will be broadcast all week on Arutz Sheva. Each day will feature a different place in which the Six Day War took place.

Dr. Hagai Ben Artzi said at the end of the journey, “I had an exciting journey into the history and the miracle in which Israel defeated three Arab countries in six days. A journey into the bravery and dedication of the soldiers who made ​​us worthy of a miracle. I think it's time to turn Jerusalem Day into a six-day holiday.”