Watch: Student Overcomes Stutter in Inspiring Graduation Speech

In front of hundreds of students and faculty, Jewish student Parker Mantell defied stereotypes to deliver a rousing speech.

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Unfazed: Parker Mantell
Unfazed: Parker Mantell

As someone who suffers from a serious stutter, Parker Mantell could have been forgiven for feeling nervous as he got up to speak at his Indiana University graduation ceremony.

But he didn't look it. 

Instead, the political science major gave a speech that is bound to inspire you.

"As a person who stutters, I could be no more certain that in this room and in this hall are thousands of people who are far more talented at public speaking than I am,” Mantell began. "At the same time, I could be no more certain that the message I have to share is one that must be heard.”

"Doubt, as has been observed, kills more dreams than failure ever will. Yet if doubt were to be a disease, its cure would be confidence..."

Watch the full speech here: