MK Hails 'End of Peace Flirtation' after PA Unity

Jewish Home's Yoni Chetboun says now 'even the US understands' Abbas is a terrorist, calls for a new vision.

Gil Ronen,

MK Yoni Chetboun
MK Yoni Chetboun
Flash 90

MK Yoni Chetboun (Jewish Home) hailed the unity agreement between the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority (PA) – which is led by Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) – and Gaza-based Hamas, as a development that “takes the mask” off the Palestinian Arab leaders and shows them for what they really are – terrorists.

MK Chetboun said Thursday that the Hamas-Fatah agreement was “final proof that the Israeli right wing has no choice but to come up with a sane alternative national policy.”

"Now it is clear to everyone, even the Americans, whom we are dealing with,” said Chetboun, who is a member of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. “No more peace flirtations; Abu Mazen is the head of a terror organization. I hope that now, the Left will take a rest from the two-state obsession. It is time to set us free of this dangerous fantasy.”

"I expect the prime minister and members of the Cabinet to start thinking of a sane alternative to diplomatic negotiations,” he added.

"For twenty years, the Right has not been able to present a proper alternative, and has only known how to oppose the Left's vision,” he elaborated. “Lacking an initiative, the Right eventually adopted the delusional and dangerous vision of two states. Yesterday, we received final proof that the Israeli Right can no longer evade the drafting of a sane nationalist policy alternative, which does not react to Palestinian declarations anymore, but rather concentrates on what Israel will do. It is time to return to the basic Zionist values of settling in parts of the homeland, without fear or trepidation.”

"Between the Jordan and the [Mediterranean] Sea, there is room for one state – a Jewish state with an Arab minority,” he explained. “Even before the Palestinian terror government was declared, the idea of establishing a Palestinian state was a tangible existential threat for Israel. Israel has to think [only] about Israel, and applying Israeli sovereignty to Judea and Samaria in the C areas is the timely thing to do. We must understand that we have no choice. It is either one state, or a constant rocket threat, on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well. Israel must decide.”