Israel: Hezbollah Still Violating UN Resolutions

Israel will demand that the UN Security Council sanction Hezbollah after it claimed responsibility for an attack against IDF troops.

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David Lev,

Hezbollah military parade
Hezbollah military parade

Israel will demand that the UN Security Council sanction Hezbollah, after top Hezbollah terrorist Hassan Nasrallah claimed responsibility for an explosion last month that was set off near an IDF patrol on Har Dov, on Israel's border with Syria. The attack proves, Israel said, that Hezbollah was violating UN Security Council resolutions.

On Monday, Nasrallah said that the Lebanese Shiite terror group had last month placed the explosive device in the Har Dov area on the northern side of Mount Hermon. The explosive was set off as an IDF jeep passed by, sending three soldiers to the hospital to be examined for shock from the blast.

In acknowledging Hezbollah was behind the attack, Nasrallah claimed the blast was revenge for an airstrike attributed to the IAF, which took place a week before the attack and prevented delivery of sophisticated missiles to the terror group.

“The Israelis understood the message very well. The story here is not about rules of the game, but rather about deterrence," said Nasrallah, speaking to the newspaper As Safir. "This was not the reply, but this was part of the reply," claimed Nasrallah, saying the message to Israel was "you hit a military target and the resistance responded by hitting a military target.”

In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon, Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor said that “Nasrallah's declaration is additional proof that Hezbollah continues to operate south of the Litani River, in violation of UN resolution 1791” that bans the terror group from southern Lebanon, signed after the conclusion of the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah.