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Daily Israel Report

Israel Launches 'Ofek 10' Satellite into Space

Israel launches the “Ofek 10” spy satellite into space. The satellite will be helpful in monitoring sites across the world.
By Hagai Huberman and Elad Benari
First Publish: 4/9/2014, 11:35 PM

Launching of previous Ofek satellite
Launching of previous Ofek satellite
Flash 90

Israel launched the spy satellite “Ofek 10” into space on Wednesday evening.

The launch was conducted by the Ministry of Defense at the Palmachim Air Force Base in central Israel.

Upon entering orbit, “Ofek 10” will conduct a series of tests to verify that it is up to the expected levels of performance.

“Ofek 10” is an observation radar-based satellite, with advanced photo capabilities in both day and night and in all weather conditions.

The satellite is capable of photographing objects the size of half a meter and it will circle the earth once every 99 minutes.

The last spy satellite that Israel launched into space was the “Ofek 9” and that launching took place in June of 2010. The “Ofek 10” is the sixth spy satellite operated by Israel and it can be very helpful in monitoring sites across the world.