Naked Infiltrator Shocks Tel Aviv Family

A mother walking down the street with her children encountered the man and called the police.

Gil Ronen,

Illegal immigrant in Tel Aviv.
Illegal immigrant in Tel Aviv.
Courtesy May Golan, Hebrew City

A young mother who was walking down a street in southern Tel Aviv Tuesday morning with her children beside her, was shocked to see a completely naked illegal immigrant walking down the street.

She called the police and took a picture of the man – and then informed May Golan of Hebrew City, an NGO that spearheads the public effort to curb illegal immigration into Israel and to deport the infiltrators.

The woman wrote Golan a message, which Golan published on Facebook:

"May, I want to tell you that I am a single mother and like you, I live in the old Central Bus Station area, at Ein Hakoreh street near Yesod Hamaala street.

"This morning, I went to work with my children, and I saw a naked infiltrator! I was simply shocked, and I immediately called the police!

"Hats off to you for your activity,” the woman added. “If we thought it was frightening to walk around at night – it appears the same is true for the morning hours!”

According to Golan, police said that they never found the man. “It's so hard to identify someone like that...” she wrote sarcastically.

Illegal immigrants – mostly from Eritrea and Sudan – flooded into Israel in search of work in the past decade, and their numbers kept on growing until a fence was built along the southern border. However, an estimated 80,000 of them remain in Israel, and enjoy the support of ultra-leftist organizations, which have even organized them and led them on protest marches.

The immigrants are mostly concentrated in southern Tel Aviv, where their presence has led to a spike in crime. Women in the area report being afraid to leave their homes after dark – and sights like stark-naked immigrants, or immigrants who use public areas as toilets, are not uncommon.

The immigrants mostly perform menial jobs that used to be carried out by Palestinian Arabs. However, Palestinian Arabs are no longer allowed into Israel in large numbers, ever since the terrorist campaign known as the Second Intifada began in 2000 against the Jewish state.