Israeli Billionaire Buys Top London Tourist Site

Camden Gardens, one of London's biggest tourist sites, was bought by Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagie.

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David Lev,

London (illustration)
London (illustration)
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A business group controlled by Israeli multi-millionaire Teddy Sagie has purchased the world famous Camden Market in London. The Market is considered one of London's premier tourist attractions, with some 40 million visitors annually.

Sagie is said to have paid more than 400 million British pounds (roughly $660 million) for the site, purchasing it from yet another London-based Israeli multi-millionaire, Bebo Kobo and his British partner, restaurant tycoon Richard Caring.

In a statement Sunday, Sagie said that “Bebo has invested a great deal of resources in the development of this project over the past few years, and he has succeeded in developing it into one of London's, and the world's, premier tourist attractions. I am grateful that he has chosen me to continue developing this important project."

“We see a great commercial and tourist potential in Camden Market,” he added. “Our vision is to utilize technology to enable a better experience for residents, storeowners, and visitors."