Fatah: Israel and Hamas Holding High Level Contacts

A Fatah spokesperson said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu himself was in contact with Hamas terrorist leaders.

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David Lev,

Terrorists (file)
Terrorists (file)
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A Fatah spokesperson said Wednesday that it was clear to the terror organization that Israel was in contact with Hamas terrorists. In an interview with the Palestinian Authority-controlled Ma'an news service, Ahmad Assaf, commenting on reports that “messages” had been exchanged between Israel and Hamas, said that the contacts were actually more extensive than previously reported, with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu himself in contact with top Hamas terrorists.

Hamas, he said, was preparing itself for the possibility of a deal between Israel and the PA, based on the plan to be laid out by US Secretary of State John Kerry. That deal would include temporary borders which would be finalized in further negotiations, along with security arrangements.

According to Assaf, Hamas is worried that an agreement would cut them out of the diplomatic picture, and the Gaza terror group was trying to secure its position in the negotiations.

Earlier this week, PA Chief Mahmoud Abbas hosted 200 Israeli college students in Ramallah, saying during the meeting that he was “under the impression” that if an agreement was signed with Israel, Hamas would recognize Israel's right to exist.

Hamas did not comment on that statement, but did condemn Abbas's meeting with Israeli students. “Such meetings constitute normalization of relations with Israel, and serve to enhance its status in the world," Hamas said in a statement. "Such meetings must stop, because they show the Palestinian Authority is capitulating to Israel's demands," the statement claimed.