Protesters Outside Defense Minister's Home: 'Coward'

Activists protest the demolition of Sagi Kaisler's home in Kida, call Min. Yaalon 'a leftist.'

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Gil Ronen,

Bogey 'Rabbit'
Bogey 'Rabbit'
Samaria Residents' Council.

Activists from the grassroots Samaria Residents' Council held a demonstration Wednesday evening outside the home of Defense Minister Moshe “Bogey” Yaalon – to protest the demolition of the home of the General Manager of the Council, Sagi Kaisler.

Kaisler's home – a permanent structure – was torn down by the IDF's Civil Administration Wednesday morning, in the outpost community of Kida.

The activists held up a poster depicting Yaalon as a rabbit, with the caption “Bogey is a rabbit.” The word “rabbit” is used to signify a coward in Hebrew slang, much like “chicken” in English.

"Of the dozens of homes in the community of Kida, the Administration decided to tear down Sagi's house, of all houses,” said a source in the Council. “There is no other explantion for it except as a revenge attack against Sagi, who has been working for the Jewish settlement enterprise for a many years. The demolition was “a 'Price Tag' operation by the Defense Minister,” the Council members said.

"Today we learned that Yaalon is a leftist who speaks out against evicting residents from their homes, but sends his soldiers to tear down homes in Judea and Samaria,” said the Council.