Popular Israeli Singer 'Dedicates' New Song to MK Tibi

Amir Benayun dedicates his new protest song to MK Tibi, cites his "success" in getting Jews to live under PA sovereignty.

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Elad Benari,

Ahmed Tibi
Ahmed Tibi
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Popular Israeli singer Amir Benayun has sent Arab MK Ahmed Tibi a copy of his new song, complete with a “note of appreciation” which said that Benayun is “dedicating” the song to Tibi.

The sarcastic gesture was made in the wake of Tibi’s rejection of the idea that areas of Israel with a heavy Arab population would be transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as part of a future peace deal.

Benayun’s new song was born as a result of Tibi’s comments and also after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s suggestion last week that if a Palestinian state is established in Judea and Samaria, Jews who wish to remain in that state should be allowed to do so.

In response, Benayun composed a new protest song entitled “The Country of My Birth”. The new song is actually made up of six classic Hebrew songs which describe Israelis' love for the land. Benayun simply replaced the Hebrew words with Arabic words and plays the songs with an Arabic-style musical accompaniment.

On the postcard, it says sarcastically: "Since my childhood, I have had three unrequited ambitions: One, to become a D.J., second to become a standup comedian and third to sing in a group that performs Arab folk songs. And now, at last, G-d has given me the opportunity to fulfill all three at once."

In his “dedication” to Tibi, Benayun wrote, "Dear Ahmed, given the talk about Jews living under Palestinian sovereignty, it appears you and Bibi have had great success. Allow me to send you a song. Lovingly, Amir."