Opinion: Is 1984 happening in 2014?

Through foreign policy bungling, Obama has forced the military option against Iran's nuclear program.

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Dr. Joseph Frager,

U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the nat
U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the nat

George Orwell constructed a world in his Classic Work "1984" that more resembles the world of today than back 30 years ago.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall under President Reagan the world had a true chance to move forward and upward. Bill Gates prediction of no poor countries by 2035 had more of an opportunity in 1984 than it does today. I hope he is right but as brilliant as he is I don't think so. Yes, America could continue to feed the world if it only learned to better take care of itself.

There is plenty of blame to be thrown around but President Obama gets the bulk of it. President Obama's vision of America and the world fits right in with George Orwell's 1984. The President via Obamacare and numerous other actions has made America a third world country. The world does not respect America and has little trust in the President.

The best example of this is the turnaround in Egypt.

The President was pushing for and encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt (he sold America's ally of 30 years Hosni Mubarak down the river). The Egyptians took matters into their own hands and brought Egypt out of the Dark Ages which they had been abruptly thrust into by the so called Arab Spring. The President was surprised - after all he had just gotten cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Iranian Crisis is another case in point.

The Rouhani Ruse is finally getting attention; the Senate's bipartisan attempt to pass stricter sanctions on Iran despite an "interim deal" was a reality check on a President and a Secretary of State that live in Orwellian society. Rouhani's Ruse which he used effectively in 2004 is starting to unravel.

The question  will be whether or not there is time to correct the problem by finally doing what has to be done which is a military strike on Iran's nuclear reactors. There is no other option left, I am sorry to say. By making a poor interim deal that has no teeth, Obama has catapulted the need for a military strike.

By relieving sanctions which had just begun to work Obama has forced a military solution. The Iranians by bypassing sanctions have the feeling America is in their back pocket. All of this makes a military strike inevitable.

Israel will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. The President will just have to accept it just as he has had to accept Egypt's military rule. It is a fact of life. Israel must do what it has to to survive. Israel has no other options. Israel lives in the present and not in some Orwellian Bubble.

Hopefully, America too will figure it all out and come to its senses. Leave George Orwell's 1984 on the bookshelves of history.