'I Felt My Soul Leaving My Body'

Former Education Minister Yossi Sarid describes an “out of body” experience he once had after collapsing and losing consciousness.

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Yossi Sarid
Yossi Sarid
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Former Education Minister Yossi Sarid described this week an “out of body” experience he once had after collapsing and temporarily losing consciousness.

The former head of the leftist Meretz party recalled the experience in a segment on Army Radio in which listeners are asked to call in and describe unusual incidents that happened to them.

"Once, I died, I was dead, and I was not here,” said Sarid. “Our entire family was in the car, and I remember my poor children sitting in the back, weeping bitterly over their father who left them, my wife pale."

"I felt that my soul left my body,” he added. “As a flying soul I hovered over the earth, then I saw my family continuing to drive the car, because my wife immediately made her way to the hospital. And that’s where we arrived at the end. When I got to the hospital I returned to my normal self.”

"The soul, the mind, leaving the body...I do not really remember what happened, and I do not really believe in the immortality of the soul, you know? It is also contrary to my ideology,” said Sarid.

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