Watch: New Mati Shriki Single, 'Forever I Loved'

Mati Shariki single for upcoming debut album. Watch it here.

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Tova Dvorin,

Mati Shariki, Hevron
Mati Shariki, Hevron
Oriah Heller

In the past year, a new talent broke into the world of Jewish music.

It started with one song. "Ohr Chadash" ("New Light") became an overnight hit on YouTube and on religious radio stations on the Internet. By Passover, Mati Shriki - from the tiny village of Shvut Rachel in Samaria (Shomron) - was asked to perform in Hevron, in front of thousands of holiday visitors.

Now Shriki has taken another step forward: a new single, slated for a debut album. With new single "Forever I Loved" (which is, interestingly, not a love song but a song about "Ahavat Hashem" or "Love of God"), Shriki peels another layer of his soul and to produce a fiery single with bold and promising rhythms.

Shriki writes his own music and lyrics. The video was produced with Avi Tal musical productions, together with Yitzhak Amit guitars, drums by Avi Avidan and Reuven Ben Chanan on violin.

To watch the new single, click below.