Philippines: First Baby 'Israel' Born at IDF Field Hospital

A day after arriving in typhoon-struck Philippines, IDF field hospital delivers first baby, mayor announces he will be named 'Israel.'

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Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva Staff,

First baby
First baby
IDF Spokesperson Unit

On Friday the first baby was born at the IDF field hospital set up the day before in the Philippines to help deal with the destruction Typhoon Haiyan has left in its wake. The mayor of Bogo City where the hospital was established announced the baby will be named "Israel."

The new life follows the Philippines' massive loss of life. A statement by the UN on Thursday placed the typhoon's death toll at 4,460, with 920,000 people displaced by the storm.

The IDF delegation's field hospital began treating the sick and injured on Friday, delivering its first baby the same day.

"Israel," the male baby, was born in his eighth month, weighing 2.15 kilograms (4.7 pounds). He was delivered by 5 members of the delegate's gynecological staff, including 3 doctors and 2 midwives.

The field hospital includes x-ray and delivery rooms, and is able to absorb 500 patients a day.