New Jerusalem Neighborhood Tailor-Made for American Olim

Unique project provides a place for hundreds of American olim looking for something to suit their needs.

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Nofei Israel, | updated: 13:27

Illustration: Construction at Ramat Givat Zee
Illustration: Construction at Ramat Givat Zee
Nofei Israel

Approval has been granted for the construction of the Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, with 400 residential units.

The project has been making waves in the United States, as the only neighborhood  in Israel designed to meet the needs of olim has been moving forward in giant strides.

Hundreds of apartments have already been sold, and interest is at its peak.

The neighborhood of Ramat Givat Zeev, the flagship project of the Nofei Israel construction company, has been approved. This is a major development for the hundreds of  olim from the United States who are on the verge of acquiring their new apartments in the  neighborhood.

Ramat Givat Zeev is a unique project, which many of American rabbanim have identified  as the most suitable location for an American Jew to fulfill his dream of immigrating to Israel.

The project includes about 400 residential units, 150 of which are ground-level villas in the  style of Bnei Beitcha, while the other 250 are apartments in luxury buildings.

The project offers exclusive advantages for residents settling into their new homes; there is a heavy emphasis  on the creation of a warm, homogeneous community, which will include plenty of communal  institutions that fit with the residents’ mentality. Ramat Givat Zeev is located in a particularly  upscale area, which includes rich technical specifications, parks with abundant greenery, and  shopping centers.

The neighborhood, which is located in the northern part of Jerusalem,  combines a pastoral setting, immersed in the breathtaking views and clear air of the mountains of Jerusalem, with proximity to all the centers of Torah and hassidut in the capital city of Eretz Yisrael.

Over 100 million shekels will be invested in the development of the neighborhood,  which will be built as a closed community, along the lines of one of the most upscale luxury  neighborhoods yet to be built in the country. The project is under the supervision of the Minister  of Housing, who is both supporting it and following its development.

Recently, an impressive sales event for Ramat Givat Zeev was held in the United States which saw hundreds of interested buyers from the Orthodox community of America meet the professional  staff behind the neighborhood’s development, after which they were given a complete picture of the project.

Nofei Israel has already sold over 270 units in the neighborhood to quality American families, including prestigious rabbanim, doctors, attorneys, and businessmen.

A large NY community, which has refrained until now from making aliyah, has found this project to be an excellent  opportunity to fulfill its dreams and settle in a homogeneous neighborhood in Israel that include  community services, schools, and business opportunities, all a perfect match for the community’s  unique needs.