Netanyahu Tells West: Don't Say I didn't Warn You

European media line up to hear the Israeli PM warn the West not to be fooled by Iranian diplomacy as it continues to enrich uranium

Adam Ross ,

etanyahu being interviewed by BBC
etanyahu being interviewed by BBC

Israel's Prime Minster, Binyamin Netanyahu, has made a sweep of influential European media, giving numerous interviews and warning the West not to allow Iran to continue to enrich uranium.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," he told one interviewer, if loosening sanctions on Iran leads to the collapse of the West's bargaining position vis-a-vis the Islamic Republic.

Iran is set to engage the West with talks in Geneva next week.

Netanyahu spoke to the Financial Times and Sky TV in Britain, Le Monde and the France 24 network in France, and Frankfurter Allgemeine and the ARD network in Germany.

The P5+1 talks, set to be held in Geneva next week, will see Iran meeting with delegates from the US, Russia, Britain, France, China and Germany in a bid to see the crippling sanctions against it loosened, in return for compromises on the country's uranium enrichment, which Israel and the US say is intended to produce a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu has said that the steps Iran is likely to propose are not enough, calling for a total halt to enrichment.

"When a murderous regime deals with soft diplomacy all the while continuing to gather strength, we need to stop it, immediately," he told the cameras, adding that stopping an evil regime while it was still possible to do so, was "the central lesson of the twentieth century."

Directing his words to the upcoming Geneva talks, Netanyahu emphasized "if we weaken the sanctions, the sanctions will collapse." The West has the upper hand and had to show resilience, he insisted. "Don't say I didn't warn you," he told one interviewer, adding, that the Iranian threat was just as relevant to Europe as it was to Israel.

"Don't let them have enrichment, Be tough, be strong, be consistent," he exhorted viewers, accusing Iran of having "committed acts of terror in five continents and 25 cities in the last few years.

"Iran has violated every single security council resolution to stop enrichment," Netanyahu told media.

This round of interviews follows a similar media blitz by Netanyahu in the US ten days ago, in which he spoke on a number of TV shows, warning them that Iranian president Hassan Rouhani was lulling the West into a false sense of security whilst continuing to enrich uranium amid a calm air of diplomacy.

Netanyahu's list of recent media appearances also included a first time interview for the BBC's Farsi speaking channel in which he warned Iranians that a pursuit of nuclear weapons would not lead to prosperity but would rather spell disaster for all Iranians.