R. Yosef's Condition: 'Very Serious but Stable'

Rabbi's son, David Yosef: "We prayed a lot and we had a very difficult Simchat Torah holiday."

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Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
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There has been no meaningful change in the medical condition of venerated Torah sage Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in the course of the holiday.

Prof. Dan Gilon, the cardiologist who is taking care of the rabbi at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, said Thursday that "His condition can be defined as serious to very serious and stable overall."

At this stage, Rabbi Ovadia is sedated and artificially respirated. Prof. Gilon said that it is possible that the rabbi will begin breathing autonomously, depending on his condition. He stressed that there has been no deterioration in the rabbi's condition, but "The chance that his condition will improve significantly – is small."

Video: Prayers at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital

MK Eli Yishai (Shas) said Thursday at the entrance to the hospital that "We can clearly say that we are fighting for his life. There is concern and according to the doctors' definitions, his life is in danger."

"Right now his condition is stable. We hope all will be well, we pray all will be well, and we believe that all will be well."

Rabbi David Yosef, Rabbi Ovadia's son, said that "There are slight changes in both directions. It is not a matter of one or two days. It will take time and we are full of hope that he will recover. We pray all of the time and we must continue to pray."

Rabbi David said that his father's four sons stayed next to him during the holiday, along with MKs Aryeh Deri and Eli Yishai. "We prayed a lot and we had a very difficult Simchat Torah holiday. We pray for the mercy of the Heavens. The entire family felt great pain, seeing him suffer."

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