Supporters of Boaz Albert Dance Outside Jail

Yitzhar resident is prevented from living at home due to a restraining order.

Gil Ronen,

Boaz Albert
Boaz Albert
Yitzhar Spokesman

Supporters of Boaz Albert, the Yitzhar resident prevented from living at home due to a restraining order, are celebrating Simchat Torah in front of the Russian Compound Detention Center in Jerusalem, in order to identify with Albert.

The event is being organized by residents of Yitzhar and the Shomron (Samaria) Residents Council and is scheduled for 9:30 PM on Thursday evening. Singing and dancing is planned.

The organizers noted that the event has received police approval.

"We will celebrate Simchat Torah together with our friend Boaz Albert who is behind bars for no fault of his own," said Benny Katzover, chairman of the Shomron Residents Council.

When they came to take him away from his home Tuesday, police struggled for hours to open the locks on his chains so that they could handcuff him and take him to a nearby police station.

While they dealt with the locks, police faced resistance on other fronts as well. Dozens of men crowded the Albert home for a Sukkot party, complete with singing and dancing, that had the effect of leaving police with little room to maneuver.