PA Arabs Take Homesh on Har Melech's Birthday

Brother of Shuli Har Melech, who lived in Homesh and was murdered a decade ago, is appalled by decision to allow Arabs to take over Homesh.

Kochava Rozenbaum,

Flash 90

The brother of Shuli Har Melech, who was part of the original nucleus of the community of Homesh in Samaria, and who was murdered by Arab terrorists ten years ago, has trouble digesting the fact that on the anniversary of his brother's birth, Arabs have been permitted to settle in Homesh, which was destroyed during the "Disengagement" in 2005.

Roi Har Melech wrote on his Facebook page: "Shuli from Homesh's Birthday.  This is my first Facebook status,  and I hope it will raise an outcry that will be heard."

Roi then wrote about his perspective on the incident: "It's been ten years and one month, on the first of Elul, since terrorists murdered my brother Shuli and seriously injured his wife Limor. Shuli and Limor were on their way home to Homesh.

"Two years earlier, a few months after their wedding, Shuli and Limor were called to flag and settle in Homesh which was abandoned in those days. Shuli and Limor, together with the Sheila family, stopped the erosion. Homesh thrived. But less than two years after his murder, the Israeli government allowed his killers to drive his wife and two children from their home in Homesh. Since then, even with self sacrifice, they never stopped longing for a Jewish hold on the soil of Homesh."

Har-Melech's widow Limor, now remarried, played an active role in the Homesh First movement - a movement aimed at gradually undoing the Disengagement by resettling northern Samaria and Gaza, beginning with Homesh. At a 2007 event, she explained, "At the time of the expulsion, I felt like they were murdering Shuli again, Homesh was his life’s work. They didn’t just murder him, but murdered his life’s work. Today we feel a sort of comfort and completion of a cycle. We are returning and fixing the injustice of the expulsion, witnessing the redemption before our eyes.”

Roi Har-Melech noted that the day they announced the decision to allow the PA Arabs to take over the ruins of the community was the same day as Shuli's birthday.

"Let's give a birthday present to the dear man who gave his life for all of us and stop this disgrace. We call upon anyone who can help: government agencies, military prosecutor's office, and to all your people Israel: If you do not have the courage to re-settle Homesh, at least do not give it to our enemies."

The office of the government's legal advisor for Judea and Samaria announced this week that it would support transferring Homesh and other former Jewish towns over to the Palestinian Authority.

In the letter to the far-left NGO Yesh Din, the advisor said that Homesh was no longer on the list of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria, meaning that PA Arabs could now freely enter the area. However, Israelis are still banned from the town, based on orders by the military government issued after the disengagement.