Syrian FM: "We'll Even Sign the Int'l Ban on Chemical Weapons"

Amid a diplomatic flurry aimed at avoiding a military strike the Syrian FM says his country will join the Chemical Weapons Convention.

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Chemical stockpile
Chemical stockpile
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After standing accused of gassing over a thousand civilians three weeks ago, the Syrian Foreign Minister has said that not only will the regime of Bashar al-Assad cede its stockpile of deadly chemical weapons but will also add its name to the Chemical Weapons Convention which calls for the complete ban of chemical weapons.

Walid Muallem was speaking in an interview with Lebanon based Al-Maydeen TV.

"We fully support Russia's initiative concerning chemical weapons in Syria, and we are ready to cooperate. As a part of the plan, we intend to join the Chemical Weapons Convention," Muallem said.

In a turn around to the political momentum building towards a possible military strike, Muallem gave the nod to the Russian brokered deal earlier today calling for Syria to turn over its full arsenal of chemical weaponry to the international community.

The Syrian Foreign Minister added in the interview: "We will open our storage sites, and cease production. We are ready to open these facilities to Russia and other countries."  

Syria is one of a handful of including North Korea, Angola, Egypt and South Sudan who have not signed the Chemical Weapons Convention put to paper in 1993.

The International community has reacted with caution to the Syrian about turn.