Russian Lawyers to Sue Warner Bros Over Harry Potter Film

Lawyers spring to the defense of their leader, accusing company of modelling an elf after President Vladimir Putin

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Ari Soffer,

Apparently image is everything for Vladimir P
Apparently image is everything for Vladimir P

Russian lawyers are reportedly planning to sue Warner Bros over allegations that are almost too funny to be true.

According to Britain's Guardian news website, the lawyers charge that "Dobby the Elf" - a character in the popular Harry Potter movie series - closely resembles their president, Vladimir Putin.

They claim to have proof that this was done on purpose, and are apparently so incensed at the insult to their leader - famously obsessed with his "tough guy" image - that they are taking to the courts in his "defense."

However, their chances of victory appear almost as slight as the offending, floppy-eared elf.

A spokesman for the Russian lawyers' guild told Radio Free Europe: "Similar suits have taken place. But it's very difficult for courts to rule on them; lots of experts have to be called in. It's doubtful if it has a chance."