Expert: Don't Ignore the Pakistani Nuclear Threat

The nuclear threat from Pakistan is even more dangerous than the one from Iran, warns head of Muslim Canadian Congress.

Elad Benari ,

Tarek Fatah
Tarek Fatah
Yoni Kempinski

The nuclear threat from Iran is a real one, but the nuclear threat from its neighbor Pakistan is just as dangerous if not more so, said Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

Fatah spoke on Monday at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism's (ICT) World Summit on Counter-Terrorism, taking place at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center (IDC).

Pakistan, unlike Iran, “already brandishes about 100 nuclear warheads,” said Fatah, who added that the Pakistani nuclear threat should concern Jews and Israelis as much as the Iranian nuclear threat.

“In meeting with leading Jewish intellectuals and academia in North America, and some in Israel itself, I’m struck with the lack of interest they have about Pakistan, let alone its nuclear program,” he said, adding that Pakistan “has emerged as the world’s number one source of jihadi suicide bombers and ground zero for the training of Islamic terrorists around the world.”

“Pakistan is a society based on the fundamental notion of the hatred, and they make no apologies about it,” warned Fatah, adding that Pakistan has targeted Hindus and Jews as enemies. “Every terror incident, anywhere in the world, committed by Pakistani terrorists, is always pointed to as having to do with the State of Israel.”

The “addiction to killing the other” is “consuming the Pakistanis from within,” he said, adding, “For all the people there needs to be action in Syria: If America attacks, you have no idea what’s going to happen in your neighborhood.”

If Syria comes under attack, warned Fatah, “Syria will be the next Afghanistan and Lebanon will follow.”