Netanyahu: Israel an Island of Tranquility

PM thanks IDF and security forces for quiet holiday, says Israel an ‘island of tranquility’ in stormy Middle East.

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Maayana Miskin,

Illustration: Israeli soldiers
Illustration: Israeli soldiers
Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened this week’s Cabinet meeting by thanking the IDF, the Israel Police, and other security forces involved in protecting Israel’s citizens.

“I would like to thank the soldiers of the IDF, the officers of the Israel Police and Border Police, and all the men and women of our security services for the quiet and peaceful holiday that we just had throughout the country, in the cities and in nature,” he began.

“This is not self-evident given the storm raging around us,” he continued. “We are watching over Israel, an island of tranquility, quiet and security, which also stems from our responsible and balanced policy and the very professional and vigorous action – only some of which is known to the public – by all of the security arms.”

“The combination of these two things – a sober, balanced and responsible policy and professional security action – is what brought us this quiet. Insofar as it depends on us, we are working so that it will continue,” he added.

The PM's words of praise echoed remarks he made last week at the headquarters of the Mossad intelligence agency, in which he lauded the success of Israeli security services in thwarting a deadly terrorist attack planned by Hamas to take place in Jerusalem during the holiday period.

Netanyahu also wished his Cabinet, and the Jewish people as a whole, a good new year, and praised the Israeli Police, and Commissioner Yohanan Danino, for their work on reducing the crime rate.