Syrian Girl Released from Israeli Hospital

The teen was hospitalized for six weeks in Israel after incurring massive injuries from an explosion in Syria.

Kochava Rozenbaum ,

Syrian Teen Smiles Leaving Ziv Medical Center
Syrian Teen Smiles Leaving Ziv Medical Center
Hannah Bickle

A fifteen-year-old Syrian girl severely injured by a violent attack over a month ago, was released from the Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat on Tuesday, walking with crutches and wearing a smile.

Israel Defense Forces transferred the young girl to Israel from a field hospital in Syria where she underwent surgery for abdominal wounds and shrapnel injuries on both of her legs. The Syrian medics decided to amputate one of her legs, while the Israeli medical team was able to save the girl’s other leg from being amputated.

"I wish the people of Israel a happy new year and wish that we will be able to meet again in a saner Middle East, as we are all human beings," said the victim’s mother, who accompanied her throughout the six weeks of her hospitalization.

Her mother then thanked the medical team for their devoted treatment and for saving her other leg from amputation. Additionally, she was grateful the Ziv Medical Center facilitated the donation of an artificial leg from a generous private donor.

At first, the Syrian girl was hospitalized in Ziv's Intensive Care Unit for Children, as her condition was critical.

"When we brought the girl to Ziv six weeks ago, she was in critical condition, almost dying,” said an IDF paramedic who accompanied the girl a month and a half ago. “I can't believe that she is standing on her legs, with a big smile on her face. It is a wonderful feeling to see her like this," she said with excitement.

The girl’s mother spoke with the medical team at the time of her admittance and said that she had been badly injured when her home was bombed. The girl’s brother, grandmother and cousin did not survive.

Since February, 85 Syrian casualties from the civil war have been treated at the Ziv Medical Center. In the past two days, 7 new casualties have been hospitalized. There are currently 17 hospitalized Syrians with varying degrees of injury.

The Ziv Medical Center has opened a bank account to accept donations for the treatment of the Syrian casualties.