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      Syria Rebels: We'll Use Chemical Weapons, Too

      Rebel forces say they will retaliate for regime's chemical attack with all the means they possess, no compunctions.
      By Dalit Halevy
      First Publish: 8/24/2013, 11:07 PM

      Rebels clash with Syrian government forces
      Rebels clash with Syrian government forces
      AFP file

      Senior commanders in the rebel forces in Syria published a videotaped announcement Thursday in which they expressed their intent to respond to the chemical gas attack by President Bashar al-Assad's forces last week, by hitting back with all the means at their disposal and no “red lines.”

      The rebel commanders announced that thus far, their forces had refrained from taking over the Syrian regime's chemical wapons stores, but they will no longer set any limitations on themselves in the fight against the Assad regime.

      They expressed grave disappointment at the position of international institutions and countries that present themselves as friends of the Syrian people, and announced that they were breaking off coordination with the member states of the U.N. Security Council, until an investigation is launched into the chemical gas attack last week.

      The Syrian regime, meanwhile, continues to deny using chemical weapons, and says it has photographic proof of the existence of chemical materials in the possession of the rebels.