Syrian Rebels Torture a Suspected Collaborator

A man who was suspected of handing over rebel fighters to the Syrian military intelligence was arrested and tortured.

Dalit Halevi & Elad Benari ,

Syrian rebels patrol in the northwestern town
Syrian rebels patrol in the northwestern town
AFP photo

The Syrian rebels are being just as brutal as the Syrian regime, especially towards those viewed as “traitors” who gave information to President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces.

In the latest incident, a man who was suspected of handing over rebel fighters to the military intelligence in Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria was arrested by rebels, who then interrogated him using torture to obtain information on the identity of the senior officers with whom he had been in contact.

In a video which was uploaded to YouTube, the detainee is shown sitting down on the ground, his eyes covered with a cloth, his hands tied behind his back and his legs held up using the belt of an assault rifle. One of the rebel “interrogators” is then seen hitting the detainee’s bare feet with a whip.

After the "questioning", more rebels join in and torture the detainee, brutally beating him and kicking him in various places on his body, as he cries out for mercy.

At one point one of the men asks that the videotaping stop, a possible sign that the rebels intend to execute the detainee in the same way that is done to people suspected of cooperating with the Assad regime.

Arutz Sheva chose not to post the video here due to its graphic nature, but it is not the first time that rebels have been documented carrying out atrocities.

One horrific atrocity carried out by members of Islamist Syrian rebel groups was the public beheading of a Catholic priest who was accused of collaborating with Assad’s regime.

Video footage posted on the Internet several months ago documented a rebel fighter eating the heart of a government soldier.

In recent weeks, some of the Islamist groups have attempted to soften their image in an attempt to win hearts and minds - holding stand up comedy shows and handing out toys to local children.