Yitzhar Resident Arrested and Expelled

Boaz Albert had vowed to ignore distancing order. Another resident was stunned with a taser gun.

Gil Ronen ,

Boaz Albert
Boaz Albert
Yitzhar Spokesman

Police forces arrested Boaz Albert of Yitzhar, in Samaria, on Thursday, after he ignored an order distancing him from Judea and Samaria for six months. Albert had said that he does not intend to comply willingly with the order.

The police also used taser guns against at least one other resident of Yitzhar who came to help Albert.

The Judea and Samaria police said: “In the course of the suspect's arrest, another man came ahnd tried to prevent the suspect's arrest and attempted to attack the police. Following this, force was used and a taser was employed against the second man. Boaz Albert did not resist and was arrested.”

Albert, 40, a father of six, said that he was being expelled because of pure vindictiveness, after he had spoken out in public and written articles against the IDF's policies vis-a-vis the resurgent Arab terrorism.

Irit, Boaz's wife, told Arutz Sheva the couple has no idea why the order was issued.

"Other than the words 'resolute security considerations,' the order contains no explanation,” she said. “It is all classified material, for security reasons. No one knows. The judge doesn't know, the prosecutor doesn't know, it's all classified. No resident in the country can be distanced without providing a reason, only we residents of Judea and Samaria.”