Ministry of Interior Affairs Hearing on Temple Mount Prayer

Director for Religious Services hopes to grant religious sovereignty to all who wish to pray on the Temple Mount.

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Kochava Rozenbaum ,

The Temple Mount
The Temple Mount
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Ministry of Interior Affairs held a hearing on Sunday regarding Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. The most recent conflict surrounding the Temple Mount has been the ban of all non-Muslims and religious prayers at the holy site.

Many Jewish visitors protested against these restrictions, with hundreds of individuals attending prayers and vigils on August 7th outside of the Temple Mount, in order to demand the same privileges as Muslim visitors, who have unrestricted access to the site.

Jewish visitors are subjected to severe restrictions while on the Temple Mount, including a total ban on conducting prayers or any other religious rituals, despite the site being the holiest place in Judaism. The ban on Jewish prayer has continued despite numerous court rulings that such restrictions are illegal.

In response, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Religious Services, Moshe Dagan, stated: “As a regulator, the Ministry will work together with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to avail prayer to all parties interested in worship.”

In another response, Ministry Director, Elhanan Glatt commented, “The Ministry of Religious Services attaches great importance to the establishment  of regulations that make prayer available to all who wish to pray at designated holy sites.”

The director of Religious Services also noted that the Ministry is working in order to grant the Kotel HaKatan, the Small Western Wall, status as a holy site.