Arab Soldier: I Decided to Enlist, Despite Everything

Soldier who lost one brother in the IDF and saw another injured has enlisted anyway.

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Maayana Miskin,

"I enlisted in spite of eveything"
"I enlisted in spite of eveything"
IDF Spokespersons Unit

Meet Ahmed Inaim, a Bedouin soldier from Nazareth who has enlisted in the IDF, despite losing one brother who fell in military service and seeing another wounded in battle.

In a new video, 24-year-old Ahmed Inaim gives viewers a chance to follow him throughout the day and see how the IDF’s Bedouin trackers live and what they do.

Ahmet describes responding to a 2012 terrorist infiltration in southern Israel, and also talks about why he chose to enlist in the IDF, his experiences as a Muslim in the Israeli army, and what he views as the IDF’s most important value.