Berlin Hotel Bars Infamous British Holocaust Denier

Berlin’s hotel association has announced that it will not host infamous British Holocaust denier David Irving.

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Rina Tzvi ,


Berlin’s hotel and restaurant association has announced that it will not host infamous British Holocaust denier David Irving, who is planning to visit the German capital in September.

Irving, who was banned from entering Germany until last March, is set to address guests at a Sept. 10 dinner event with a $120 cover charge, according to reports.  

After Green Party manager Volker Beck contacted the German association of hotels (Dehoga), the group said they would not offer Irving a place to stay.

"I trust that Irving will not be accommodated by our members," Dehoga manager Thomas Lengfelder told the Tagesspiegel newspaper.

The majority of Berlin’s large hotels are members of the group.

Irving was extradited from Germany in 1993 after being convicted of insulting the dead after he disputed that gas chambers at the Auschwitz death camp had killed hundreds of thousands of Jews during the holocaust.

He successfully appealed against the Munich court's decision to keep him out of Germany until 2022, and saw the ban lifted in March this year.