Oren: PM Faces 'Ben Gurionesque Dilemma' on Iran

Outgoing ambassador to U.S. says point of no return is fast approaching, but Bibi's up for the job

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Ambassador Michael Oren
Ambassador Michael Oren
Israel news photo: Official Photo

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu faces a Ben Gurionesque dilemma today, as regards an attack on Iran," outgoing ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, said in a Haaretz interview.

Oren said that the Iranian threat is getting more severe lately. "The moment at which it will not be possible to deny Iran nuclear weapons is drawing near," he warned.

The economic sanctions against Iran are "a historic accomplishment," he added, but "we cannot rest on our laurel leaves."

Oren said that based upon his personal acquaintance with Netanyahu, he will be able to face the security and diplomacy challenge of attacking Iran, should there be no option but to do so.

"We must not forget that Iran is threatening to annihilate us and is developing the means for annihilation. It is a Holocaust denier that intends to carry out a second Holocaust," Oren warned.

His words come as an Iranian opposition group claimed to have discovered a previously-unknown nuclear facility near the down of Damavand, some 50 kilometres northeast of Tehran.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran, which also released satellite images of the alleged site, claimed that is is part of an extensive network of underground tunnels and facilities Iran has been working on since 2006.

This would not be the first time the National Council of Resistance of Iran has publicized information about Iran's nuclear program. In 2002, the group told the world about Iran's development center in Natanz, and exposed a heavy water facility near the town of Arak. In 2010, the group said it had evidence of a nuclear development facility outside Tehran. The U.S. said it had known about the facility for years, and that it was not being used for nuclear development.