Facebook Inventor Gives a "Like" to Samaria

Jared Morgenstern, the man behind Facebook's "Like" feature, is in Israel to discover his roots and began in the Binyamin region.

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Elad Benari,

Jared Morgenstern in Binyamin
Jared Morgenstern in Binyamin
Mateh Binyamin

The man behind Facebook’s “Like” feature is in Israel and on Wednesday he toured the Binyamin region.

Jared Morgenstern is one of Facebook’s top developers and he was the man who created the famous "like" button. Though at the height of his career, he has decided to quit his job at Facebook and arrived in Israel on a journey meant to discover his roots.

Upon arriving in Israel, Morgenstern said that it was important for him to see the places where “it all began,” as he put it.

He began his day on Wednesday on Mount Kabir, where he overlooked the surrounding area and saw Mount Eval and Mount Gerizim, the two mountains mentioned in the Torah that rise above the city of Shechem (on a clear day one can see Israel from the Mediterranean coast to the Jordan River from atop Mount Kabir).

From there, Morgenstern went to ancient Shilo, the site of the ancient Tabernacle that preceded the Jewish Temple. He joined a group of students conducting an archaeological dig in the area, just a week after archaeologists said they had found the remains of the Biblical Israelites' Tabernacle.

The Binyamin Regional Council noted that "after watching the goings on with excitement, the ‘like man’ continued to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, not before giving a big like to the Binyamin region and to ancient Shilo.”