Lapid Hitler Facebook Image Goes Viral, Stirs Outrage

Facebook image of Finance Minister Yair Lapid wearing Nazi uniform and looking like Hitler goes viral, causing outrage.

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Rina Tzvi ,

Yair Lapid image on Facebook
Yair Lapid image on Facebook
Facebook image

An image posted on Facebook on Monday showing an image of Finance Minister Yair Lapid wearing a Nazi uniform and looking like Hitler has gone viral on the social networking site, causing outrage in Israeli society.

The picture caption said, "enemy of the Israeli economy."

Public relations man Rani Rahav called the police to launch an investigation following the publication of the photo and determine who is responsible.

"This picture, uploaded to Facebook today, is shocking,” he said.

“I’m sorry that not every state has internalized what happened here 18 years ago when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated," he said.

"There were dark days before the murder when Rabin was similarly depicted dressed as Hitler,” he said. “I hope that the Israeli police immediately catch the individual responsible for posting the terrible image against Finance Minister Yair Lapid.”

“I call on every citizen in Israel democracy happen to him condemn a post immediately.I ask the Israeli police to investigate this immediately," he added.

In May, the hareidi-religious newspaper Yated Neeman published a provocative column regarding what was termed to be anti-hareidi incitement, and similarly compared statements by Lapid to the Nazi dictator who murdered over six million Jews.