Egyptian Arrested for 'Spying' for the Mossad

Security forces have arrested an Egyptian on suspicion of spying for Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Egyptian soldier stands guard at the Taba cro
Egyptian soldier stands guard at the Taba cro
AFP photo

Security forces have arrested an Egyptian on suspicion of spying for Israel, Egypt's state prosecutor said on Saturday, according to the AFP news agency.

The man has been detained for 15 days for questioning, the report said.

The official news agency MENA, which carried the prosecutor's comments, added that the man is accused of having worked for Mossad.

The suspect "took the initiative in cooperating with Mossad before joining them in 2011," MENA reported.

Investigations suggested that the suspect had passed "important information about Egypt to Israel," MENA said, without elaborating.

Based on their investigations, the authorities also accuse the Egyptian of "lying to the security forces" after telling them "he had rejected the offer from Israeli intelligence when he realized he was under surveillance by Egyptian services.”

Authorities "seized the tools which allowed the suspect to communicate with members of Mossad at his place of work," a business he owned, MENA added, but did not specify.

Egypt's courts are currently judging the case of a Jordanian engineer accused of having spied for Israel, reported AFP.

In December, Egypt arrested Israeli Andrei Pashnichikov after he was caught taking photographs of security equipment. He was sentenced in February to two years in prison.

Sources told Arutz Sheva after his arrest that Pashnichikov was identified with radical leftist and anarchist groups, and that he was headed to Gaza in order to assist Arab terrorists there to fight Israel.

In June 2011, Egypt convicted U.S.-Israeli dual national Ilan Grapel of spying for Israel, but freed him four months later as part of an exchange that saw Israel release 25 Egyptians from its jails.