Shuki Sofer's Murderers Sentenced to Life

Court sentences three of four terrorists who murdered the policeman near Hevron in 2010.

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Gil Ronen,

Shuki Sofer Hy"d
Shuki Sofer Hy"d
Israel Police

Three of the four terrorists who murdered Shuki Sofer, a policeman, in 2010, were sentenced Monday to life in prison.

The four were convicted on April 23 of carrying out a shooting attack against a police car near Al Fawar, not far from Hevron, on June 14, 2010. Three were found guilty of murder, and the fourth of being an accomplice to the murder.

A fifth member of the cell and the planner of the murder, Baha Aladam, was convicted two years ago of the murder as well as other attempted murders of policemen. He received a life sentence and another 25 years in jail for wounding three other policemen.

The terrorists sentenced Monday are Muhammad Jaber Harub, Raed Harub and Muhammad Ismail Harub.

In early June of 2010, they carried out preliminary reconnaissance and noted that a police vehicle passes on the road at a regular time every day, with four policemen inside.

They purchased a vehicle for the purpose of carrying out the attack, and ambushed the police vehicle on June 14. It arrived on time. Three members of the cell fired at the vehicle from Kalashnikov rifles. Shuki Sofer was killed and three others – Yoav Dahan, Eran Raveh and Mordechai Ganon were injured.

They then ran to the getaway car and drove off. They burned the getaway car afterward.