Drill: PM Views Soldiers Simulating Chemical War 'Victims'

Prime Minister Netanyahu attends war drill, says Israel is preparing itself for war in new ways.

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Gil Ronen,

Netanyahu watches drill
Netanyahu watches drill
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attended a Home Front Command exercise simulating a chemical weapons attack on Israel at week's end.

The drill took part in Jerusalem. It included soldiers who acted the parts of victims of a chemical attack writhing on the ground. Other soldiers from the special Home Front units that deal with chemical warfare scenarios practiced evacuating the casualties and clearing the area of poison.

“The state of Israel is currently the most advanced country in the world in protection of the home front, but we are also the country whose home front is most threatened,” Netanyahu said.

He said that Israel is preparing to deal with missile war in ways that are different from how it dealt with such events in the past – an apparent reference to the Second Lebanon War. Netanyahu noted that Israel now has a coordination mechanism in place to make sure that local government authorities, the army and other institutions cooperate efficiently in times of war.