'No One Can Rely on the U.S. Right Now'

Rabbi David Algaze says that Israel needs to make its own decisions on Iran and not rely on other countries.

Eliran Aharon, New York,

Rabbi David Algaze
Rabbi David Algaze
Eliran Aharon

The Jews of the United States need to strengthen themselves before they can strengthen Israel, Rabbi David Algaze told Arutz Sheva.

“Unfortunately, many Jews in America, instead of strengthening their sense of belonging to Israel, are joining forces with the enemies of Israel,” Rabbi Algaze, President of the World Committee For The Land Of Israel, said. He cited examples of Jewish institutions in the U.S. inviting people such as author Alice Walker and members of the PLO, who are clearly against Israel, for public appearances.

“We’ve forgotten our history and we’ve forgotten the efforts of our people to return to the land of Israel, and I think that the first thing that we can do is educate our people about our principles and history, and thus also to send to Israel that message,” he said.

Asked whether Israel can count on the support of the United States if and when the time comes to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, Rabbi Algaze said that, right now, no country can rely on the United States to support it.

“President Obama is in a new policy of retreat and disengagement,” he said. “He’s uninterested in participating in any kind of conflict. Perhaps the only people who are interested are supporting Israel are the Arab nations that will probably be the targets of Iran, like Saudi Arabia.”

“I think Israel needs to consider its own actions. I know that it’s dangerous, that the Iranians’ response could cause a tragedy and victims in Israel, but if we allow the Iranians to have a nuclear bomb, the tragedy will be many times worse,” he added.