Bennett: Peres is Wrong about 'Peace'

Economics Minister says a majority of Israelis do not want to retreat to 1967 lines.

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Gil Ronen,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Economics Minister Naftali Bennett responded Sunday to President Shimon Peres's political statements in Amman, and said Peres was misrepresenting Israeli public opinion.

"I respect the president and hold him in esteem,” Bennett said, “but contrary to what he said, most of the Israeli public strenuously opposes a retreat to [pre-]1967 lines and understands that it will import Hamas terror to the cities of the Sharon region and central Israel.”

Bennett added: "The Israeli public, which has experienced the results of the Oslo Accords in the form of thousands of murdered victims, knows with its healthy senses that the road to peace and security passes through strength, not weakness and retreats... this is the time to say this is our land and it's not for sale."

While Bennett did not go as far as to blame Peres for the thousands of deaths, this was implied, seeing as Peres was the architect of the Oslo Accords.

During President's Peres visit to Amman he met with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, another move which is criticized by several officials in Israel. It is seen as yet another move which might affect the negotiations with the PA in a way which doesn't fit the agenda and beliefs of the current government.