Chazak Rabbi: What do Women of the Wall Want?

Rabbi Ilan Meirov of New York's Chazak Organization: Why not heed decisions of chief rabbis and Kotel Rabbi?

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Rabbi Ilan Meirov
Rabbi Ilan Meirov
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Rabbi Ilan Meirov of the Chazak Organization of New York weighed in on the matter of the "Women of the Wall":

"Any time you have a question of this magnitude," he said, "you always have to look to what the chakhamim, the leading Torah sages of the generation, have to say on this matter. And it's undisputed that the leading poskim (rabbinic decisors, ed.) have all said clearly that women should not be wearing tefillin and tallit. Period, that's what the halakha is; that's what the custom is. That's what it's been. And it seems like this action by these women is provoking a lot of people in Eretz Yisrael.

"We saw what happened a few days ago. Obviously no one supports any violence, any fighting, any stone throwing G-d forbid, but we have to ask, what does the halakha, what do the poskim have to say? And it's quite clear that the poskim do not allow this. And the real question you have to ask these individuals is – if you don't want to hear the words of the chakhamim, they don't want to hear what the sages and the rabbis have to say about this, then why are they wearing tefillin with the box and straps and all of the specifications as outlined by the Gemara and all the poskim?

"If they don't believe in it, then why are they wearing it?"